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Institution  University of alicante
Author  Carlos alvarez-dardet
Hypothesis  The level of homicide in a particular country could be considered as a proxy of their level of patriarchy
Institution  University of valencia
Author  Elisa chilet rosell
Hypothesis  The no inclusion of a enought number of women in clinical trials could have important effects in women�s health
Institution  Universidad de alicante
Author  Vicente clemente g�mez
Hypothesis  For preventing domestic violence it's necessary create new subjects about sex equity to teach new children generations.
Institution  University of alacant
Author  Charlene beth arnold bichler
Hypothesis  Gender bias and health services, undermines the total female medical attetion and clinical services
Institution  Port elgin saugueen district secondary school
Author  Jarrit wayne sachan
Hypothesis  If a country/nation supports women instead of impeding their progression into profession, then that nation will see dramatic birth percents drop. a huge reason for unstable populations in underdeveloped countries is the exploitation of women.

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